Melissa and Jason

We are massive pervy sluts and we like to do have sex in front of people! We make videos, hang out on Chaturbate and do other random hippie stuff. We live in Marietta, GA with our two dogs, Lila and Penny. Hang out with us on the interwebs or shoot us a message on the socials! We don’t bite….hard!

We are learning how to computer, camera, live stream and sex toy. Learn about our gear.


Melissa’s Bio (more on Chaturbate)

Sup, y’all! I’m Melissa and I don’t give a FUCK! I’m a crazy nature-loving hippie who is high on life. I like to tease, talk, dance, play, get slutty, be positive and encourage masturbation. Classy, clever, cunning lovers are my favorite, but I’m down with whatevs if you’re cool. When I’m not being slutty, you can find me cooking, in my garden, making herbal teas, doing yoga, reading good books, going to hippie events, or talking to interesting people. I’m totally into everything natural and love sharing my weird life with you.I am a sex positive, open-minded 34 year-old woman and I think there is no shame in masturbation. I believe men, cocks and cum are some of the greatest things on this earth. That’s why I do positive JOIs (Jerk Off Instructions) and other fun masturbation encouragement activities. Thank you for considering getting off to my show!I’m a perv who loves dick pics. Feel free to send me videos and pics on Snap (purchase in bio or on ManyVids), Twitter (@sexy_hippies) or email (! I send slutty pics back on Snap only. Check out Jason and me on ManyVids ( and Instagram (@sexyhippies) and chat with us there too! ALSO ~ Remember that this is a fun place to hang out, masturbate and feel good about yourself, but the internet and your devices are never true substitutes for human interaction. Make sure to take time to cultivate relationships and connect with human beings IRL. If you’re needing help in that area, please feel free to reach out to me. I know the world is pretty crazy these days. You’re safe here. Also, know that you are valuable to me and the things you do matter in this world. I LOVE YOU!~

Stuffs about Melissa

Nationality: USA

Ethnicity: European (centuries ago)

Age: 34

Height: 5’11” (1.80m)

Weight: 145 lbs (65kg)

Hair Color: dirty blond

Eye Color: blue

Body Hair: Never shave armpits, sometimes trim pussy, never shave legs – But it’s blond, so it’s delicate and not forest-like

Make-Up: Never

Plastic Surgery: None

Cup Size: B? C? Medium? Large? Honestly I have no clue. I never wear real bras

Shoe Size: 9 (USA)

Clothing Size: 6 (USA)

Diet: For health reasons and not political! I’m not vegan or vegetarian. I eat similar to Paleo with lots of raw nuts, seeds, organic veggies, coconut products, good meats and eggs. I cook all my own food at home with minimal spices and lots of fresh herbs from my garden. I do not eat gluten, dairy, fruit, sugar, grains (except occasional black rice and almond flour baked goods), alcohol, nightshades, chemicals, preservatives, GMO foods or drink tap water. My food is my medicine and my health is my #1 priority. It’s fucking exhausting, but it’s worth it.

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