A Special Gift

When Jason and I first started camming in 2016, we met a viewer on Chaturbate named justaperv (Niizh Animoosh) and hit it off with him right away. He is a Native of the Ojibway tribe, and lives outside of Toronto, Canada. We immediately connected because he told us he had heard of us before. He explained that in his culture, there is a legend and it says that .“…one day the flower people will come out of the ground and dance with the Indian. They will live like the Indian and respect mother earth and the air and the water. They will live like the Indian they will wear what we wear. They will ask for nothing but only share with anyone who asks. They will walk with us and they will never see us as a different people.”

I remember how much Jason and I were taken by surprise when he told us that we reminded him of the flower people that the legend had described. We had never had someone say something so genuine about us and we were honored that he considered us special. That was the beginning of a true friendship that grew over the next year and a half. Niizh made a point to drop in and say hi during almost everyone one of our shows. He provided constant support, a connection to mother earth and helped me feel understood on the level of herbal remedies in a world that is dominated by Big Pharma. He always said “no” to being a mod, but he helped me just the same. He answered questions in chat, defended me from the trolls, educated the other viewers about our hippie lifestyle and provided entertainment all the time. I looked forward to seeing him every day and was thrilled when I saw his name in chat.

At the beginning of 2018, Niizh asked me for some measurements. My mother used to make me clothes when I was in school. I remember her taking standard measurements of my hips, waist, etc. Niizh asked for the same measurements, with two additional measurements that I had never been asked for before: The length from the start of my bush to my asshole, then the length from my asshole to the top of my crack. He was hand-making me a deer-skin thong and I couldn’t have been prouder!

Later on, he told me he had had a vision and that he wanted to make special chokers for both Jason and I. He asked for the measurements of our necks and made it clear that these were different from the previous gifts he had offered to send. He said that the thong and headband were things to wear whenever, but the chokers were special. He was making them out of traditional bone, wood and sinue. He told us that he rarely makes them, and absolutely never sells them. Around Valentine’s day, his package arrived at my P.O. box. He sent us many things. Among them were the deer-skin thong, which much to my delight, had the word “slut” sewn to it, the headband, the two chokers, an arrowhead, some cedar to make tea with, teachings of his tribe (such as the medicine wheel and the Great Binding Law of Kizhay Manito) and a hilarious framed photo that said “Mel’s Slut Room, Sluts Only” to put in my cam room. I really appreciated his combination of humor and spirituality in the gifts. Jason and I frequently switch between silly and serious/passionate, so the variety of Niizh’s gifts fit our personalities perfectly. 

In the package was also a letter in which he wrote, “You guys got my heart not because of the sex but the way you treat mother earth and how you live. You live so very clean and natural as we the native people do here on turtle island. I love you guys for that as well as you guys have a great personality and are so open.” We opened the package on live cam together in Atlanta while Niizh watched in real time from his home in Canada. I remember being so overwhelmed that I couldn’t share the whole gift with the viewers because I didn’t want to cry in front of them. It was one of the most special gifts either one of us has ever received.

Because of Niizh, I have learned a lot about the Objibwe people. The Ojibwe (said to mean “Puckered Moccasin People”), also known as the Chippewa, are a group of Algonquian-speaking bands who amalgamated as a tribe in the 1600’s. They lived mainly in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Ontario and were closely related to the Ottawa and Potawatomi Indians. They were primarily hunters and fishermen, as the climate was too cool for farming. A few bands of Ojibwe lived in southern Michigan, where they subsisted principally by hunting, though all had summer residences, where they raised min-dor-min (corn), potatoes, turnips, beans, and sometimes squashes, pumpkins, and melons. If you’re interested in reading more, I suggest this page. 

For months I have struggled with how to publicly display the gifts. I so badly wanted to show the world what he had made for me, but I knew that I had to be careful. A photo of a white person wearing something from Native culture could land poorly if presented in the wrong context. I didn’t want to give the impression that I was exoticizing or appropriating Niizh’s culture in a disrespectful way. It was important to me that the photos display his creations with reverence. We decided to photograph ourselves in Niizh’s gifts and nothing else. Not because we want the photos to be sexy, but because we want the photos to highlight the beauty and creativity of Niizh’s work and nothing else. I decided to tell our story here in the hopes that it will adequately contextualize the gifts. We cherish everything that Niizh sent, especially the chokers. I wear mine when I’m feeling stressed and it calms me. Cedar has become a large part of my herbal remedy recipes and I have even learned a few words of Ojibway. I am grateful for Niizh’s influence in our lives and I look forward to learning more about his culture, language and traditions as time goes on.


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