Our Gear

2019-05-14 15:39:53

Live streaming has changed our lives. We are so thrilled to be in this world full of cutting-edge technology. We started on Streamate, moved to Chaturbate and are currently setting up our own Twitch channel as well! We have a set-up downstairs and upstairs, so this list reflects all our equipment as we often move things around in the house. We will add to this page as we acquire our gear. We are not sponsored by any of these companies and our opinions are totally our own. If you have questions about our experience with any of the products listed below, feel free to shoot us an email!

Computer Gear

Camera/Audio Gear

Sex Toys and Show Props

Responsible Shit

If you're a cam model, you are a 1099 employee. Since the US tax code is over 77,000 pages long, you need to hire a tax professional to make sure you write off all your dildos and don't screw up your tax returns. Because, fucking up your taxes can eventually land you in jail and that place has nasty food. You don't wanna eat that shit. We recommend/did the following:

  • Register an appropriate type of business like an LLC
  • Get a business account at your bank
  • Dedicate a credit or debit card for business expenses
  • Keep receipts
  • Hire a CPA/tax professional
  • Learn Quickbooks (we are babies in this process for sure!)
  • Save money and invest in more equipment

Also take care of yourself! Eat well, sleep often, take care of your mental and physical health, etc. More about that in other posts...