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A Special Gift

When Jason and I first started camming in 2016, we met a viewer on Chaturbate named justaperv (Niizh Animoosh) and hit it off with him right away. He is a Native of the Ojibway tribe, and lives outside of Toronto, Canada. We immediately connected because he told us he had heard of us before. He explained that in his culture, there is a legend and it says that .“…one day the flower people will come out of the ground and dance with the Indian. They will live like the Indian and respect mother earth and the air and the water. They will live like the Indian they will wear what we wear. They will ask for nothing but only share with anyone who asks. They will walk with us and they will never see us as a different people.”

I remember how much Jason and I were taken by surprise when he told us that we reminded him of the flower people that the legend had described. We had never had someone say something so genuine about us and we were honored that he considered us special. That was the beginning of a true friendship that grew over the next year and a half. Niizh made a point to drop in and say hi during almost everyone one of our shows. He provided constant support, a connection to mother earth and helped me feel understood on the level of herbal remedies in a world that is dominated by Big Pharma. He always said “no” to being a mod, but he helped me just the same. He answered questions in chat, defended me from the trolls, educated the other viewers about our hippie lifestyle and provided entertainment all the time. I looked forward to seeing him every day and was thrilled when I saw his name in chat.

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We Got Hitched!

Dear Slut Army,

We have great news! Jason and I got married on April 20, 2018 at the county courthouse in Marietta, Georgia! We had been talking about making it official for months and then one night on cam, Jason was inspired to make concrete plans with me to do it! It was an impromptu proposal of sorts and it was all caught live on camera. I think that it’s really cool that Jason feels so comfortable with our community to share such a special moment with y’all. We go with our gut and speak what’s in our hearts no matter when things come up. Thank you for being there with us on Chaturbate when the mood struck us to make things official. We ended up getting married a few weeks after that proposal. The ceremony was beautiful and intimate, even though there were tons of strangers there. We didn’t tell anyone what we were doing and our friends and family were shocked, but happy for us when they found out we had eloped. We are so happy to be husband and wife!

Below are photos and videos of the details! Thank you for sharing in this beautiful moment with us! We are so happy to have you in our lives 🙂


Melissa and Jason

Here is a video of Jason spontaneously asking me to marry him during a couple’s cam show!

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Holy shit, y’all! These sexy hippies have just surpassed 1 million total views on PornHub! One of our videos got featured recently which pushed the total number of views on our account to over 1 million! We are so thrilled, we could

pee our pants! It’s pretty cool because we have been working hard for over a year and have wanted this for a long time. Thanks for helping us get there, you wonderful perv!

Definitely check out the new vid:


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