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Massive Roadhead

It all started with the morning drive to the mountains. I always get bored on long road trips and he always drives. That morning I was extra horny, because I could see his cock throbbing in his jeans. We had just had our first BDSM flogging while handcuffed together the night before and we’re still oozing sexual energy. I just had to have his dick, so I told him to whip it out for some road head. He rarely asks me to film our naughty, sloppy blow jobs, but this time he insisted. He must have known it was going to be good. As I sucked and licked his cock from tip to base, and he moaned and I could tell his breathing was quickening. That meant he was close to orgasm. I was thinking about the night before and how erotic it had been to get flogged with Jason. To submit like that together. Every time Jason cums, it’s a production. He works on orgasm control so when he lets one go, it’s massive. But this time was more than I’ve ever seen. When Jason reached orgasm this time  it was like he was exploding inside my pussy and not my mouth. I got so wet and slippery as he jizzed all in my mouth. It was unbelievable how my clit swelled up and my panties got all gushy with nectar. He likes to grab his own dick right after he comes and ride out the sensation of the orgasm with his hand around his tight throbbing cock. Afterwards, he likes to make me suck it again in case there’s just a few little drops left over. Our post orgasm play went on for a while longer until Jason got his wits back about him and made sure we hadn’t passed the correct exit 😉

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