The goal of this blog is to give us a platform to express ourselves in a more detailed way and connect with our viewers, friends, fellow cammers, streamers, pervs and sluts. We have a lot to say and not all of it fits in one platform. We want to tell you more about us, share our thoughts on the world and showcase other online content that we think is awesome. We want to provide a place to engage in an open dialogue about sex, ask and answer questions about camming, relationships, share advice and support all those who are interested in a more sex-positive life.

We do not believe in shame. Our society has been plagued for far too long with ideas that promote sexual shame and embarrassment for every gender, age, race and ethnic group and for some, sex is still considered a taboo subject. We do not aim to make anyone wrong for engaging in consensual and pleasurable sexual activity and on all of our platforms, we do not engage in or allow sexual shame of any kind.

Body shame is shitty too. We understand that having access to millions of images via the internet can create insecurities about our bodies and sex lives. We aim to promote self-love by normalizing natural human behavior. We believe masturbation shouldn’t be seen as a shameful experience that must be hidden. While we don’t advise getting arrested for nudity or public indecency, we do advocate for your right to express yourself sexually within a safe container.

Fantasies are pretty cool. Your thoughts and desires are all your own and you have every right to think them. No one is in your head and you’re allowed to get off to whatever you want. We believe that there is a huge difference between what you masturbate to and what you want to act on. It’s ok to have some fantasies that you never fulfill and others that you do. We advocate for sharing as much of your sexual desires with your partner(s) as you feel comfortable sharing (preferably all of it) and we are here to help you start uncomfortable conversations.

We believe in consent culture and always ask if each other is available for conversations, touch, criticism, sexual activity and emotional sharing. We respect every individual’s personal space.

We advocate for honesty and straightforwardness in our communications and interactions with others. We believe that talking openly about one's goals, desires and needs is essential for all healthy relationships (sexual and non-sexual).

We advocate for regular STI testing and full disclosure of your results to your potential sex partners. If you happen to test positive for something, you are not dirty or bad, but it is your responsibility to tell future partners so that they can make informed decisions about engaging with you sexually and past partners so that they can receive treatment. It’s a matter of respect for yourself and for them.

Not everything is for everyone, nor will we “yuck your yum”, but we do not feel comfortable discussing, viewing or engaging in the following actions: rape, having sex with someone who is unconscious or intoxicated, necrophilia, non-consensual violence, brown play, vomit play, underage material, consanguineous incest, medical torture play, race play or extreme humiliation (definition is open to interpretation).

However, we are open to discussing the following (generally considered taboo) topics: extreme/intense BDSM practices, psychological and financial domination/submission, women’s health - including menstruation and birth (sexual or non-sexual aspects), erotic and non-erotic lactation, pee play, cum eating, anal penetration, bisexuality, group sex, sex toys, sex involving mentally or physically disabled persons, crossdressing, anything transgender, furry fandom, paraphilic infantilism, diaper fetishism, sex-positive parenting, nude photo exchanges, simulated incest, prostitution, religious, social, historical and political roleplay.

As a general disclaimer, it is generally considered unsafe to experiment with BDSM practices while under the influence of any intoxicating substances because there are numerous physical and psychological risks involved. We will not comment on any activities that are considered illegal in our state (GA) or country (USA), especially the use of illegal substances. We support the legalization of cannabis in the United States, but do not promote its use.

This blog aims to uphold our values and provide a safe place to exchange information. Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback!