Sluttiest Students

Collect stickers, win prizes! 


Tip 37 on CB and put your email address in the tip note to enter the sluttiest students club. You can also purchase entry on ManyVids here.

  • Once you have joined the club, you may complete the tasks at your own pace and exchange your stickers anytime you want.
  • Use the contact method you are most comfortable with to send me reports and proof of your sticker progress as well as to exchange your stickers for prizes. Check to make sure your total sticker count is accurate here.
  • All tasks must be completed after you join the club and you cannot get credit for any past tasks except follows.

Prize List

    • HD Videos
    • Photos
    • Lifetime Snapchat
    • Friend us on Fortnite (Epic Games)
    • Ticket show entry
    • 30 minute private show
    • 1 hour private show
    • 10 minute custom video
    • 20 minute custom video
    • Small, medium and large gift baskets* (US residents only)

How to win stickers

Tasks worth 1 sticker

  • Sluttiness and connection
    • Follow us on Twitter.
    • Follow us on Instagram.
    • Follow us on Chaturbate.
    • Follow us on Twitch.
    • Send us a cute animal pic.
    • Send us a beautiful nature pic.
    • Have a masturbation or sex session that lasts one hour (self-reported).
  • Personal Growth and Self-Love
    • Eat something healthy (send proof).
    • Call an old friend (self-reported).
    • Fold/finish all your laundry (send proof).
    • Clean your bathroom (send proof).
  • Generosity

Tasks worth 2 stickers 

  • Sluttiness and connection
    • Cum tribute me and send me a pic.
    • Have a quickie (self-reported).
    • Have a masturbation or sex session that lasts 2 hours (self-reported).
    • Take naked pics of yourself for yourself (self-reported)
    • Email, DM a sex celebrity with a positive message (send proof).
    • Write down a fantasy and email it to us.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Love
    • Cook food for yourself at home (self-report).
    • Start a new physical exercise routine for your health (self-report).
    • Go for a hike in nature (send proof).
    • Use an form of transportation other than a motor vehicle (send proof).
  • Generosity

Tasks worth 3 stickers 

  • Sluttiness and connection
    • Try something new sexually (self-report).
    • Public nudity/flash (send proof).
    • Have a masturbation or sex session that lasts 3 hours (self-report).
    • Write down a sexual experience that blew your mind and send it to us.
    • Write your first erotica story and send it to us.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Love
    • Record a video of yourself masturbating for yourself (private).
    • Give a gift to someone you love for no reason (send proof).
    • Cook food for another person (send proof).
    • Learn a new recipe (send proof).
    • Try a new health food (send proof).
  • Generosity

Tasks worth 4 stickers 

  • Sluttiness and connection
    • Send us one masturbation video of you. Cum shot not necessary.
    • Get groped in public, film it and send it to us.
    • Get groped by a stranger, film it and send it to us.
    • Have a masturbation or sex session that lasts 4 hours (self-reported).
    • Send us full nude pics of you.
    • Try a new sex toy (send photo of toy).
  • Personal Growth and Self-Love
    • Go on vacation (send proof).
    • Host a small gathering of friends or family (send proof).
    • Keep a new health routine for more than 6 months (self-reported).
    • Decide to quit consuming something that you know is bad for you (self-reported).
    • Abstain from something you know is negative for you for 3 months (self-reported).
  • Generosity

Redeem Your Stickers For The Following Prizes

    • Friend us on Fortnite (Epic Games) = 20 stickers
    • Photo set = 25 stickers/set
    • Ticket Show free entry = 25 stickers/show
    • HD Video = 30 stickers/vid
    • Lifetime SnapChat = 50 stickers
    • Small gift basket* ($30 value) = 75 stickers
    • Medium gift basket* ($45 value) = 95 stickers
    • Large gift basket* ($75 value) = 125 stickers
    • 30 minute private show ($250 value) = 275 stickers
    • 10 minute custom video  ($375 value) = 425 stickers
    • 20 minute custom video ($450 value) = 475 stickers
    • 1 hour private show ($500 value) = 550 stickers

*Gift baskets contain Melissa's herbal remedies and can be custom designed for each person. Email to discuss options. You can choose from: nourishing daily face oil, chapstick, salve, lotion, beard and bush oil, ass-ne treatment, fungus killer, scar reduction oil, fire cider, Japanese mimosa tinctures, body and room sprays or activated-charcoal toothpaste. Each basket/bundle will contain some of our favorite incense, some beautiful stones/crystals, a bit of sage, palo santo, and a few feathers and beads.