Fire spinning photoshoot with Honey and The Bear

Number of pictures: 40

Smoke Grenades!

A fun shoot with Honey and The Bear!

Number of pictures: 76

Pregnant Warrior

Melissa at 38 weeks pregnant.

Number of pictures: 21

Between The Sheets

Come to bed with us!

Number of pictures: 29

"Let The Bodies Hit The Floor"

Seeing what happens when we strip it all away and let our bodies integrate with the floor.

Number of pictures: 87

Pregnant Goddess Bodypaint

Crimson paints Melissa's belly at the end of her pregnancy

Number of pictures: 45

28 Weeks Pregnant

Celebrating Melissa's changing body!

Number of pictures: 10

Sensual Afternoon BJ

Natural light photos of Melissa giving Jason a sensual blowjob!

Number of pictures: 23

7 Weeks Pregnant Photoset

I took some pictures of Melissa during a little shoot we did to honor Week 7 of her pregnancy. Her body is so beautiful and magical as the changes start to become more apparent! I look so forward to the upcoming months!

Number of pictures: 68

Hairy Jason

Up close photos of Jason's gorgeous body.

Number of pictures: 37

Sheer White Shirt

Melissa with her nips slightly visible through a sexy white t-shirt!

Number of pictures: 10

Hiking with Anah & Pixie

We had Anah Habana over for a weekend of fun and hippie bonding while Pixie was staying with us. The three girls allowed their wild, primal sides to break out while they were exploring the creek and Jason took these lovely pictures of them.

Number of pictures: 40

Melissa & Pixie Shower

At a festival, Pixie and Melissa found the showers and decided to have a little fun since it was so hot outside! Enjoy these two fairies playing with water in the forest!

Number of pictures: 25

Melissa & Pixie on The Lyra

Pixie Pixalized came through town and spent a wonderful night and day with us! She and Melissa spend all day sister bonding in the backyard surrounded by crystals, rocks, incense, sage and palo santo. Later in the day, Jason snapped a few photos of these goddesses in their natural habitat. We hope you enjoy! (Photos contain no nudity). Find Pixie on Twitter: @pixiepixelized and Instagram: pixiepixelizedxo

Number of pictures: 152

Tennessee Slut

This time I went to my friend's house in Tennessee and got real slutty in his backyard.

Number of pictures: 53

Sexy Apartment in Barcelona

Here's a few pics of our apartment in Barcelona. We felt inspired by and really loved the light coming in through the tall, old Spanish windows.

Number of pictures: 44

Barcelona Bath Time

Melissa taking a bath with bubbles in our gorgeous Barcelona AirBnB apartment. Photos from Feb 2019!

Number of pictures: 35

Classic Lingerie Striptease

A rare opportunity to see Melissa struttin' some heals and lingerie! Yummy!

Number of pictures: 198

Feet Worship

Worship my feet!

Number of pictures: 9

BJ HD photoset

Melissa gives Jason a sensual BJ

Number of pictures: 9

Light and Ladder

We snapped a few photos while lounging around our AirBnB. We were enjoying a stack of old records, some Oregon cannabis, and some natural sunlight shining through the normally rainy Portland weather.

Number of pictures: 45

Hairy Melissa

Melissa in all her glory!

Number of pictures: 10

Weet Worship/Lotion On Feet

Feet worship with lotion and a dildo

Number of pictures: 60

Engagement photos

Engagement photos

Number of pictures: 13

Ojibway Gift Photoset

not sure yet

Number of pictures: 6