How We Met

I remember the first time I saw Jason because he looked radiant to me. It sounds dramatic and it was – well, at least to me. It was a hot Sunday afternoon in the spring of 2014. We were all on a big piece of property camping for a festival. After having experienced a rainy cold weekend, everyone was basking in the much-welcomed heat since the sun had come out and the clouds had cleared. Some people were doing yoga in the soft grass field, so we went to check it out. When I first saw Jason, he was sitting in the grass drinking coffee, chatting and laughing; surrounded by hippies. He looked genuinely happy and the people around him were laughing at what he was saying. His smile was carefree and I remember feeling welcomed by his presence. I also remember his coffee cup, which said: “I See Dumb People”. It was the perfect amount of joke and snark and it charmed me immediately. We didn’t end up getting any time to talk alone that weekend and I didn’t give him much thought after we left. It wasn’t until later that year that we really took notice of each other.

In the fall of 2014, my husband (with whom I had an open relationship) and I were invited to camp with Jason’s camp during another festival. Jason says that he took notice of me when he saw me haul the cooler out of our car with minimal effort – walking it over to the community kitchen. Since Jason had been the center point of contact regarding the organization of our camp, I talked with him first about the logistics. His leadership skills and in-charge attitude were so sexy to me that I didn’t waste any time letting my husband know I was interested in spending time alone with this gorgeous, auburn-haired man.

The second day of the festival, Jason had his massage table set up in the community tent and was offering everyone in our camp a massage. When he offered, I accepted without hesitation. The moment that I lay face-down on the table and relaxed my body, I started to get turned on. He massaged my back and neck, slowly working his way down the length of my almost-naked body. I loved the way he touched me and how his hands felt against my skin.  Although I don’t remember every detail, what stands out in my mind is that when he got to my feet, he touched them lovingly. He didn’t do in a romantic way, but rather in a reverent way. I had never had my dirty feet touched so sweetly and when he cupped my heels softly, my heart skipped a beat. He was talking to me softly, matching my energy level, totally in touch with where I was mentally, spiritually and physically and it was a truly incredible experience and connective experience.

After a while, I felt I should say something to maintain the integrity of the massage. I knew if he was as in-touch with me as it seemed, I needed to say something or else he’d pick up on the fact that I wanted him so bad. After getting up my courage, I said “Hey, I feel like I need to tell you that I’m really enjoying this, but it’s hard for me to fully relax because I’m incredibly turned on.” He seemed surprised, but took it in stride by saying he was flattered, thought I was sexy too and then asked sensitively if things were ok in my marriage. I replied by telling him that we were in an open relationship. Jason nodded and finished the massage non-sexually, promising me that we would connect later that night. I was very impressed by his patience and mindfulness.

We went on a “date” that night at the festival, stealing kisses behind tents and structures, running around, giggling, dancing and having a blast. When we connected, he took his time with me and was very gentle. I loved it because it was such a change from the typical, rough sex I was used to having with people outside of my marriage. The chemistry between us was intense, my body felt like it was on fire and we couldn’t stop laughing. We made love a few times at the festival and every time, it was epic. At the end of the weekend, we promised to see each other again in Atlanta and I blushed as I kissed him goodbye.

The following 6 months were complicated because my marriage deteriorated and my relationship with Jason became stronger. In May of 2015, my husband and I decided to split for good and although it was as friendly as it could be, it was also devastating. Since I didn’t have a place to go, I stayed with Jason for a month or two to get on my feet. Two months turned into four and we soon realized that we wanted to continue to live together. By August 2015, the roommates that Jason had had when I moved in had gone elsewhere and we had the place to ourselves. We started to build our relationship and home from that point on. It wasn’t until May 2016 that we decided to start camming and producing adult content. It took us another year or more to decide to make camming, adult content and streaming a full-time career.

As you can imagine, when I first moved in with Jason (and to be honest, for the first few years) we had our fair share of struggles. Having moved in with him directly after my divorce, it was hard to establish our own relationship amidst the unraveling of my other one. We had our own difficulties too (a miscarriage, deaths of loved ones, family turmoil, relationship disagreements, etc), but we have worked hard on ourselves, our relationship, received a lot of support from our community and feel much more stable now. We fight less, trust each other more and now have better tools to help us deal with future problems. Everyday isn’t perfect, but we have way more good days than bad ones. We have a deep love for each other and an incredible amount of mutual respect which makes it easier to get through the hard times. I’m so thankful that we have been able to explore so many new experiences together and continue to grow in our connection. I love to sharing so much of my life, home, body and career with such an amazing man. Thanks for reading our story!

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