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1st Time On Camera EVER from 2015!

Happy Thorwback Thursday! This is our very first video that we ever filmed way back before we ever considered putting our sex videos on the internet! Have a great throwback to when Melissa shaved her pussy and armpits, still had blonde hair and was SHY on camera!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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POV Light Period Sex

Jason was so turned on by Melissa that day that he could barely last! You'll see why when you see how her eyes practically suck the cum out of your cock just like she does with Jason. Watch his gorgeous cum spill all over Melissa's stomach and pussy. There's a little period blood in the video too for the real pervs and sluts! Enjoy :)

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Riding, Squirting and a Creampie (Fan Club Edition)

Here are three videos back-to-back that we put on our fan clubs (OnlyFans, ModelHub, FanCentro, etc). We thought they were too good to not share with our slutty family on our own website!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 24:38

Trying To Get Pregnant

Melissa and Jason have passionate sex, ending in a creampie and then she stays inverted while they talk about how they want children and hope that this creampie is the one that results in a pregnancy!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 02:46:13

Backyard Hippies Cum Outside - Unedited Live Show

One day, Melissa and Jason decided to set up a cam show in the backyard. They invited Spencer and Miranda for hangs. Things got slutty like usual. This is the unedited show in its entirety. Sit back and enjoy with some popcorn! There are tons of hilarious and hot moments.

Featuring: Miranda, Melissa, Jason, Spencer

play-button 41:32

Riding, POV and Epic Body Cum Shot!

Melissa and Jason take their time, starting with a BJ and moving on to reverse cowgirl. Then Melissa flips around, for cowgirl and rides Jason until he can't stand it any longer. Jason flips Mel over for some missionary and then side-lying. He grabs the POV cam for some great doggy POV and missionary. The cumshot is in side-lying position and is to die for!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Spank Me Silly! Clips From Jason's Bday

Jason's Bday cam show was a fucking blast! We could not stop laughing. And spanking! It was Jason's first time using a ball gag and it is hilarious! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:59

2019 - Exxxotica Conference Sunday Recap

A fun video recap of our cam show in Portland at the Exxxotica conference!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Couple's Facial, Double BJ, Pegging - Best MMF Moments

This is just a short clip from the longer video of the Best MMF Moments from our unreleased threesome. Enjoy!!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason, Todd

play-button 33:51

HippieVibes Reunion Live Cam Show

Jason and Melissa missed their dear friends Cullen & Lily and decided to go visit them and do a live cam show together! Both couples enjoy some great sex with a variety of positions next to their friends while sharing it LIVE on Chaturbate. Watch the two couples make sweet love in multiple different positions including cowgirl, missionary, spooning, and more. Lily and Melissa get handsy with each other while riding their lovers. Lily cums first which is the start of a domino effect of orgasms. The show ends with everyone more than satisfied and both ladies covered in cum. Enjoy all the action from a front and side view.

Featuring: Cullen, Lily, Jason, Melissa

play-button 03:54

Hippie Chicks Scissor w/ Hitachi & Kiss

Melissa and Lily scissoring and making out during the Hippie Vibes reunion cam show in June 2019.

Featuring: Melissa, Lily, Jason, Cullen

play-button 03:00

Exxxotica Portland 2019 Saturday Recap

A fun video recap of our cam show in Portland at the Exxxotica conference!

Featuring: Jason, Miranda

play-button 12:49

Hippie Chicks Take Turns Eating Pussy

This sexy clip shows Lily and Melissa eating each other's pussies and fingering each other during a cam show! Lily gives Mel a good O!

Featuring: Lily, Melissa

play-button 46:49

A Fucking Conversation Outdoors With The Hippies

That time Melissa and Jason set up in the backyard for an epic all day cam show! This video contains the hottest scenes and action from the morning couple's show.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:45

Jason's Huge Cock Busts a Nut on a Desk!

Super hot solo Jason video of a quick nut he busted on a desk!

Featuring: Jason

play-button 16:05

Jason Jacks It Solo: Episode #1

Jason takes a break from work to stroke his huge cock. He lubes up with coconut oil and once it is nice and hard, he slips on two tight cock rings. The pressure builds up until he explodes all over his chest!

Featuring: Jason

play-button 14:47

Oiled Hippie Chicks Give Each Other Sensual Body Massages - Live Recording

Just a short fun clip of Lily and Melissa oiling up and massaging each other during a cam show!

Featuring: Lily, Melissa, Cullen, Jason

play-button 15:16

Vinyl Records & SnapChat Sex + Red Creampie

This video contains sex while Melissa is on her period. The final scene contains a red creampie, so if that's not something you like, please do not watch this video! We think period sex is super hot because Melissa is extra horny and the orgasms + penetration relieve cramps, lighten her mood and help the flow along. There's nothing like true sexual healing from period sex! Since our SnapChat family is a close one, we took them along for the ride as well. Here's a typical, very real, fly-on-the-wall perspective of our sex/work lives. This was filmed in Portland, OR at our amazing AirBnB while we were attending the Exxxotica conference. Our host had a record player and a great collection of vintage records that we were enjoying while we enjoyed each other.

Exclusive to SH

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 20:05

Just Some Clip From A Vintage Porno

Jason and Melissa have been so inspired by vintage porn that they wanted to try to film one of their own! With the help of Cullen and Lily of GoodVibesCouple, they were able to shoot a passionate (and kind of rough) sex scene that give pays a modest homage to our favorite porn scenes from back in the day.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 38:56

The Morning After (Second FFM with RadventureFrankie)

The first time was so good, we just had to do it again. The morning after our first FFM with RadventureFrankie was full of coffee, conversation and good buds. It quickly turned sexual when Melissa decided to unzip Jason's pants mid-sentence and offer his cock to Frankie. The sex was just as magical as the night before, but this time, the lighting was even better and Melissa picked up the iPad for a little added POV footage. The creampie from the night before had them so turned on, they all wanted a repeat. And again, Melissa cleans up Frankie's pussy after Jason busts a huge nut inside of her. Also check out the video from the night before or Frankie's stuff at or on Twitter: @radventurebooty

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:12:02

First FFM Threesome with RadventureFrankie

Jason and Melissa had been craving a FFM threesome for a while, but the circumstances just never presented themselves. While camming at the Chaturbate booth at Exxxotica Portland, some mutual friends/fans played matchmaker between the Sexy Hippies and RadventureFrankie, who was camming nearby. The chemistry was instant and they decided to make a porn THAT night! After the networking event, Frankie went back to Jason and Melissa's AirBnB for one of the best sexual experiences of their lives. They all enjoy each other's bodies to the fullest, and Jason even creampies Frankie with Melissa's blessing. The love shared between the three of them and the connection that was made was a lasting one and you'll be able to tell! This is the full experience, all chat, all relationship and new experience negotiations, with very little edited out. The only parts missing are when we had to change out the camera batteries or memory cards. This video contains: lesbians, pussy eating, missionary, doggie, cowgirl, prone bone, blow job, nipple sucking, hugging, orgasms and a creampie that Melissa eats out of Frankie's pussy! Also check out the morning after video: or Frankie's stuff at or on Twitter: @radventurebooty

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 19:08

EcoSexual Japanese Mimosa Masturbation

Melissa enjoys a day with her Japanese mimosa trees in the backyard. She picks the flowers and then sits down to run them over her body feel their softness on her skin. She pleasures herself with them, then with her hands and fingers and lastly with a vibrator and dildo so that she can produce a sweet squirt and positive sexual vibes.

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 16:32

Jason Gets A Handjob While Napping

This female POV video is dedicated to Jason's gorgeous cock. Melissa strokes him nice and slow until he cums all over his own pubes. Then she licks it off.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 19:09

Sex In The Woods At A Hippie Festival

When we went camping at our local hippie festival, we just had to sneak off into the woods for some sex. Watch us connect in nature in a real, primal way!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Full Swap Bi Foursome With Strap-on Action

The second time Jason, Melissa, Miranda and Spencer got together to play, things escalated quickly. The video starts off with some one-on-one make out sessions, making sure everyone gets time with everyone else. Then they move on to double pussy eating, double BJs, and other warm up activities to get everyone sufficiently horny and ready for the best part of the action. Miranda has her ultimate fantasy fulfilled when Melissa fucks her with a strap on! She cums so hard it makes everyone tingle. Then Melissa keeps the dildo on to peg Spencer in the ass while Miranda sucks him off. Finally, Jason get a chance to fuck Miranda, after Spencer sucks his cock for a bit to get him nice and hard. Once Spencer has guided Jason's cock into Miranda, he take the opportunity to enter Melissa while they watch each other swap partners. The video finishes off with both couples going back to their original partners and then both girls masturbating and cumming at the same time! The cum shots are amazing, the orgasms are plenty! This is the best foursome video yet!

Featuring: Miranda, Melissa, Spencer, Jason

play-button 25:43

"Pretty Lights" - Psychedelic Sex While Watching Porn

"Pretty Lights" - Psychedelic Sex and Energy Orgasms While Watching Porn

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 13:04

Sex in Tent at Renaissance Festival (Short Version)

After a fire cooked meal and long day at the festival, Jason and Melissa ditched their friends to go fuck in the tent. Melissa rips off his kilt, he savagely devours her vagina! After a massive blast across her body, Jason fails to remain awake. Melissa is not yet feeling completely fulfilled, so she decides to masturbate intensely, having 2 more orgasms!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 25:13

Tent Sex at Renaissance Festival (Full Version)

After a fire cooked meal and long day at the festival, Jason and Melissa ditched their friends to go fuck in the tent. Melissa rips off his kilt, he savagely devours her vagina! After a massive blast across her body, Jason fails to remain awake. Melissa is not yet feeling completely fulfilled, so she decides to masturbate intensely, having 2 more orgasms!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 10:16

Massive Creampie Orgasm

One of the first videos we ever filmed way back in 2016! This massive creampie and simultaneous orgasm of Melissa and Jason is to die for!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 07:58

Feet Worship & Foot Job w/ Huge Dildo

I love my feet and today they have a great day. I take a nice long bath with essential oils, and manicure the bottoms of them so they are extra smooth. Then I put lotion all over them and just when I finish, I am hungry for cock. Since my feet are so slippery and wet, I slide them up and down your gorgeous, rock-hard, throbbing penis. After tickling, stroking and playing with your balls and cock for a few minutes, I can't help myself and I just have to speed up to make you cum. The explosion is amazing and I'm ready to ride you with this wet pussy as soon as you take a quick break. Thank you for loving my feet

Featuring: Melissa