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Jason Gets A Handjob While Napping

This female POV video is dedicated to Jason's gorgeous cock. Melissa strokes him nice and slow until he cums all over his own pubes. Then she licks it off.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Lube on a Log and other Tales of Romance

When we went camping at our local hippie festival, we just had to sneak off into the woods for some sex. Watch us connect in nature in a real, primal way!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Full Swap Bi Foursome With Strap-on Action

The second time Jason, Melissa, Miranda and Spencer got together to play, things escalated quickly. The video starts off with some one-on-one make out sessions, making sure everyone gets time with everyone else. Then they move on to double pussy eating, double BJs, and other warm up activities to get everyone sufficiently horny and ready for the best part of the action. Miranda has her ultimate fantasy fulfilled when Melissa fucks her with a strap on! She cums so hard it makes everyone tingle. Then Melissa keeps the dildo on to peg Spencer in the ass while Miranda sucks him off. Finally, Jason get a chance to fuck Miranda, after Spencer sucks his cock for a bit to get him nice and hard. Once Spencer has guided Jason's cock into Miranda, he take the opportunity to enter Melissa while they watch each other swap partners. The video finishes off with both couples going back to their original partners and then both girls masturbating and cumming at the same time! The cum shots are amazing, the orgasms are plenty! This is the best foursome video yet!

Featuring: Miranda, Melissa, Spencer, Jason

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"Pretty Lights" - Psychedelic Sex While Watching Porn

"Pretty Lights" - Psychedelic Sex and Energy Orgasms While Watching Porn

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Sex in Tent at Renaissance Festival (Short Version)

After a fire cooked meal and long day at the festival, Jason and Melissa ditched their friends to go fuck in the tent. Melissa rips off his kilt, he savagely devours her vagina! After a massive blast across her body, Jason fails to remain awake. Melissa is not yet feeling completely fulfilled, so she decides to masturbate intensely, having 2 more orgasms!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Tent Sex at Renaissance Festival (Full Version)

After a fire cooked meal and long day at the festival, Jason and Melissa ditched their friends to go fuck in the tent. Melissa rips off his kilt, he savagely devours her vagina! After a massive blast across her body, Jason fails to remain awake. Melissa is not yet feeling completely fulfilled, so she decides to masturbate intensely, having 2 more orgasms!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Massive Creampie Orgasm

One of the first videos we ever filmed way back in 2016! This massive creampie and simultaneous orgasm of Melissa and Jason is to die for!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Feet Worship & Foot Job w/ Huge Dildo

I love my feet and today they have a great day. I take a nice long bath with essential oils, and manicure the bottoms of them so they are extra smooth. Then I put lotion all over them and just when I finish, I am hungry for cock. Since my feet are so slippery and wet, I slide them up and down your gorgeous, rock-hard, throbbing penis. After tickling, stroking and playing with your balls and cock for a few minutes, I can't help myself and I just have to speed up to make you cum. The explosion is amazing and I'm ready to ride you with this wet pussy as soon as you take a quick break. Thank you for loving my feet

Featuring: Melissa

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Eat My Ass And Fuck Me On The Tapestries!

One afternoon, the mood struck us to fuck on a bunch of tapestries. Jason was feeling super fucking naughty. He fingered my pussy, then slapped my ass while he licked my asshole. After he ate and fingered my ass and pussy for a while, he fucked me until he was so hot he came all over my face. I wasn't finished yet, so I wiped some of the cum off my face and laid back for one more orgasm. OOOHHHHHH

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Coffee and Cock Milking In Condom

The other morning, Jason and I woke up and I was dying for a cup full of steaming coffee and a condom full of cock juice. I milked his huge cock on the couch and collected the precious fluids for myself. I creamed all over those panties when he came as hard as he did

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Hippies Do Houston: Renaissance Festival and 24 Hour Cam Show

Some behind the scenes clips of our trip to Houston to visit Cullen and Lily of GoodVibesCouple! Enjoy this wacky travel video!

Featuring: Cullen, Lily, Jason, Melissa

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Hottest MMF Moments From Our Unreleased Threesome Show

Back by popular demand, this trio, Jason, Melissa and Todd share another one of their past cam shows with you. This video has a lot of their best moments from the "underwater" show. This video includes: ball sucking, pussy eating, double BJ, double facial (one cum shot on two faces), another facial/cum on tits, double rimming, pegging, female masturbation, toe sucking, deep throating, jokes, juggling and some interaction with our viewers. Enjoy all the interesting positions, sexiness and fun!

Featuring: Jason, Todd, Melissa

play-button 37:23

Creamy Sex & Cannabis All Over Our Barcelona AirBnB

We had a blast in Barcelona. Our favorite things to do were sightseeing, smoking cannabis, having sex in every possible place in our AirBnB and eating the tapas. Watch this creamy, passionate sex and slutty cannabis smoking afterwards. We hope the video captures the vibe of our trip - we wish you were there!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 05:15

Describe Your Dream Lover

A fun piece we did for! We answered the question "how would you seduce your dream lover?"

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 59:51

First Time Pegging Cam Show Recording

This is one of our most requested videos! This was the cam show that started it all! It's raw, unedited and doesn't leave out any real moments. You get to see Jason and Melissa negotiate every aspect of this first time pegging in multiple positions, and watch as the cam audience helps them try this new kink! (No cum shot)

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 13:55

Blow Job, Rim Job and Facial

Just your classic sexy hippie blow job complete with ass licking and a facial explosion at the end. Enjoy

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 59:57

First Foursome with Miranda and Spencer

Jason & Melissa, Miranda and Spencer all decided to spend a slutty afternoon in front of the camera, so they could share some good laughs and great sex with the rest of the world. These four are in seperable in this amazing display of friendship and intimacy, where there are no boundaries for who plays with who! The boys and girls all play with each other in a variety of sexy ways.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa, Spencer, Miranda

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Your Foot Fetish is Totally Normal

Starts with you on the couch in casual clothes (Jeans, Shirt, Socks, Shoes) and you are looking at my laptop. You are a friend of mine. You say that my laptop was open and you found some foot videos and pictures up on the screen and you're more surprised than anything else. You can tell I am embarrassed, but you say it's fine. So then you offer to show your feet. "I kind of want to take these shoes and socks off anyway so that works. Awesome!" You take off your shoes and socks and show your feet and soles to the camera. You keep your feet showing with soles to the camera and wiggle toes a little."I like just being barefoot. Just walking around the house in my bare feet feels awesome." I would like a good amount of just talking casually about foot things and doing foot fetish stuff while talking. Very casual and stuff like that. At one point, you say you have heard of foot domination and stuff like that. I tell you I am not a huge fan of that and you say that is fine. So the fact all I need is just a barefoot woman is awesome. You can walk around, do different poses, rub soles together, Cross your legs, rub your feet and toes, wiggle toes and show your soles. "I never really pay attention to the bottom of my feet, but my soles are pretty soft right now." You can also inquire to look at some of the searches and I say yes you are able. Stuff like "Women Soles" "Women barefoot" "barefoot woman Jeans" "Women feet" come up but also "Women feet no toe nail polish" and "Natural toenails". With that you are happy because you don't paint your nails. The video ends with just another positive idea that having a foot fetish is awesome and common and nothing to hide or anything like this.

Featuring: Melissa

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Naughty Night in Barcelona Public Flashing, BJ and POV Sex

Melissa and Jason went for a walk late at night in the Gothic district of Barcelona. Melissa couldn't stop flashing Jason and demanded to suck his cock right there in the street. After teasing him as they walked through the crowded streets, flashing him when no one was looking, he finally took her home in a cab and had mind-blowing sex with her!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Squirting in Barcelona

Melissa just learned how to squirt. Watch this sexy masturbation scene where the camera pans back and forth between her and the mirror image of her while she has one of her biggest squirts of all time!

Featuring: Melissa

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Standing Masturbation Looking Out Window

I got off one day just standing by the window looking at all the grass sprouting and spring coming! I'm such a nature perv

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 08:16

Lovers Showering

Just us showering and being in love!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 10:21

Afternoon Delight

Jason and I came home from work and couldn't wait another second to hands on each other. Watch our lovemaking session from this hidden camera viewpoint - full of orgasms and cum

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Hippie Festival Fuck Outdoors In Forest

We were at a hippie festival and the mood struck us to fuck in the woods. The pine tree forest was so beautiful and as usual, the sex was extremely hot. You can hear the music in the background and feel the energy of the festival. We didn't realize the sun was so exposing to our skin, but I guess you could say that we were being true exhibitionists all the way! We were fucking for everyone to see. Enjoy

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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2nd MMF 3some Live Part1: 3 Cumshots

This was another epic cam show! Watch part 1, which was most of the private/ticket show. Todd cums twice and Jason cums once! The men interact and both of them fuck Melissa. They cover her in cum so much that she's dripping! Stay tuned for part 2 - Todd cums a third time in public chat

Featuring: Jason, Melissa, Todd

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2nd MMF 3some Part2: 1 more Cumshot

After Todd had already cum twice and the private show was over, the sexy hippies were saying goodbye to chat when Todd and Melissa started going at it again. Watch as Jason plays cuckold role, camera man and assistant while Todd fucks Melissa good and hard, one more time. Oh yeah, and Melissa spits AND swallows this load

Featuring: Jason, Melissa, Todd

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How I Masturbate When You're Not Home

I'm bad little girl and you know I masturbate when you leave the house. You're such a perv! I can't believe you set up this camera to catch my most private intimate moments while you're away. BAD BOY

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 15:21

Destroying My Clit With My Wand

One afternoon, i did a bad thing and knew i just needed to be punished! Jason wasn't home to discipline me, so I had to take care of things myself. Watch me rub my pussy, finger myself and destroy my clit with this HUGE vibrator. I cum so hard that I can barely see straight afterwards

Featuring: Melissa

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SexyHippies Snapchat compilation from Nov 25 2017

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Engagement Live PornHub

Featuring: Jason, Melissa