play-button 50:56

The Massage

Jason and Melissa's first roleplay video is here! And this one is super personal. Here's the description:** A loose recreation of how they first met, Jason (@sexyhippiejason) and Melissa are alone in the massage studio for their first session. They were referred to each other by a mutual friend because Melissa's back hurt, having done so much yardwork. Melissa's friend, Jamie knew that Jason was the best masseuse she could recommend. The scene begins with Melissa and Jason meeting for the first time, then politely discussing the work to be done during the massage. Melissa undresses and gets on the table. Jason returns to the room and begins the massage. They small talk for a while and the massage is 100% professional until Melissa stops it and confesses her attraction to Jason. He stops the massage so they can discuss the ethics of the situation and figure out where to go from here. The studio is empty and Jason has no more clients that afternoon, so they agree to explore their feelings for each other and see where it goes. I'm sure you can guess what happens next...and it's explosive! Two people finding out they have unparalleled passion for each other for the first time! Recreating this special moment in their relationship was a really amazing thing to do and it results in a sexy massage video unlike any you've ever seen.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 28:33

Endless Cummer Private Show

I had a private the other day with a guy who can cum more than anyone I've ever seen! I just had to show you a little bit of the show! If you're into sloppy, up-close, deep-throating BJs, dildo riding, squirting with an interesting prop on and more, watch this video!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 15:50

Work...Interrupted With a Giant Cumshot

We were just testing the equipment (hence the overlays) when Jason started recording and asked if he could eat my pussy. The rest is herstory, as they say :)

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 04:45

Improvised Strip Tease During Troubleshooting

Improvised strip tease during troubleshooting! We have been having some camera problems and have been tweaking our equipment lately. One of the changes we made led to this and when I saw the cool effects that were happening, I quickly improvised a little strip tease for you ;)

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 28:13

First Show with Honey & the Bear

When we got together with, we decided to take it slow and only do a BJ show. After all, it was our first time meeting only earlier that morning. But as the clothes came off, and the spanks starting going around, we started to get hornier and hornier. The handjobs turned to BJs, and the ticket show we had promised turned into much more. Bear couldn't hold back anymore, so he started fucking Honey. We had to join in. Both girls were bent over, doggystyle, as their partners pleasured them from behind. As Melissa and Honey's faces got closer and closer while they moaned and squealed, Melissa asked Honey if she could kiss her. The answer was "yes". The girls proceeded to kiss each other and play with each others breasts while they continued to get that good dicking. Then Honey and Bear switched to missionary, where he pounded her so good that she squirted all over her face and Melissa too! The scene ends with Jason cumming on Melissa's ass and Bear giving Honey a creampie that we all get to watch drip out of her gorgeous pussy.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 03:19:02

PreShow w/ Honey & Bear + Sexy Hippies

A few weeks ago, Honey and Bear ( stopped by our house on their way to Miami for Exxxotica. They jumped on cam with us to say hi to our Chaturbate friends. Since we had literally met each other in person for the first time earlier that day, we decided to take it slow and just do a BJ show. But of course, you know how we are! The four of us are far too slutty to "take it slow". So much more than BJs happened and I can't wait for you to see it! In the meantime, here's the first 3 hours of the public show, leading up to the ticket show to wet your whistle for tonight's release.

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 02:06:15

Jason CrossDresses and Meli Tries on Lingerie

The other day, Jason decided to get online and chat with people on CB while Melissa tried on lingerie and organized the cam room. Somehow, things got wildly out of hand! This show has Jason wearing Melissa's lingerie and then jacking off. Sorry about the audio cutting out at the end!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 20:23

Dirty Feet Private

Enjoy this 20 min private show I did where I get my feet all muddy in the garden, lick off the mud, spit all over myself, finger my ass and talk super dirty.

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 18:07

Jason Finally Jacks It #2

In this video, I'm stroking my cock just for you: First, I move my hips and work on waking up my cock without any hands, then I move on vibrating my lower abs with the magic wand, dipping it to just above my cock, and coaxing the precum out of it. I get close to the camera and let you lick it up while it drips out and entices you. Then I put on my favorite cock ring and continue to play with the magic wand toy before leaning back in the chair and showing off my armpits and body while I bring myself to orgasm slowly and sensually. That was an amazing stroke session and I hope you enjoy it!

Featuring: Jason

play-button 20:34

Red Heels Private Show

Red heels, private show, dick sucking and pussy fucking.... need I say more?

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 24:04

Jason FInally Jacks It #1

He hadn't cum in 3 days!

Featuring: Jason

play-button 11:02

Lots of Squirts

I had two of the most amazing feeling squirts on cam the other day! Here they are, back to back!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 02:19:01

The Long Lost MMF Threesome

In the summer of 2018, Jason and I had a threesome fling with our long time friend, Todd. We did a few cam shows together, and somehow this one never got edited. It was discovered in the summer of 2021 and these pre-2020 vibes are just what we all need for a summer mood lifter! This full cam show has everything! Tons of cute banter and flirting, body painting, juggling, orgasms, oral from everyone to everyone, as well as lots of positions and angles. Todd and Jason both fuck Melissa in lots of different ways and finish by cumming all over her face as she begs for it!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 19:56

I Watch You Follow My JOI Instructions

I love watching you follow every single instruction in my JOI! It turns me on so much to see what a good boy you are! This JOI was done while I watched someone stroke it to my exact instructions on C2C.

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 18:55

Anal/Clitoral Orgasm Under Lovense Control

The other day, a certain gentleman tipped for control of my lovense toys for 14 minutes. I wore the Hush and used the Domi on my clit and had the most incredible anal/clitoral orgasm ever! I thought you'd enjoy seeing it too ;)

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 19:54

Erotica Reading #2: “Nocturnal Emissions” by Pulaski

The story where we have a threesome with Jim in the story HE wrote! So exciting!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:50:46

Freebie Fuck Day

We had a blast giving out free trials to OF while fucking! In this video, there is a ton of BJ action, doggie, missionary, nipple play, a squirting orgasm, great angles, fun dialogue, a cumshot on my stomach/pussy hair and more! We hope you enjoy it!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:27:36

Couch Fuck After Pussy Trim

This is the video from the show Jason and I did where he trimmed my pussy hair (just a little bit!) and then we went at it (oral, hand jobs, sex in multiple positions, great cumshot). It's amazing sex

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 53:21

Pussy Trimming and Enjoying

Live on cam, Jason trimmed my pussy hair because it was too long and I was having trouble getting to my clit. It was the first time he had ever trimmed me and it was really hot because he was able to sculpt it exactly as he wanted. Of course, after he was done making my pussy lovely (I love how he accentuated the labia!), he ate me out and fingered me!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 57:19

Private Show With My Crush

The other day, I was once again, completely spoiled by one of my favorite guys on CB. I'm totally smitten with this person (bc I've seen pics and he is HOT!) and he always takes such amazing care of me! I decided to let you in on this secret by showing you our latest private show on CB. It's full of dirty talk, dildo fucking, squirting, spanking, spitting, deepthroating the dildo, fingering pussy, fingering ass and then licking fingers, twerking, milking tits, putting my juices all over myself and licking them off, putting dirt on my feet and licking it off only to spit it back out all over my tits, nipple clamps, clit sucker play, pillow humping and ends with me cumming in his face. It's pretty naughty and has a little bit of everything in it, so I hope you enjoy!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 34:25

Double Anal Threesome

In this ticket show recording, Jason fucks Melissa and Frankie's pussies and asses! So many firsts happened that day (Jason doing anal with Frankie, fucking two girls in the ass in the same session, etc)! Frankie and Melissa were both begging for Jason's cock deep in their asses and competing with each other for an anal creampie. Can you guess who took it?

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:25:49

Strap On Passion

This was my very first time doing a couple's show with another woman. I was nervous and excited because it's something I've wanted to do for such a long time. Frankie was the first to fuck me with a strap on. In the past, I've only been the one who gives the strap on penetration, but this time, I got to both give and receive. This video starts off with some sensual pussy licking and then Frankie and I take turns giving each other a proper dicking down. It was amazing!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 47:31

Frankie's V Cums to the A

This is the tale of when Frankie's V came to the A to visit the Hippies! This ticket show was the first of three that we recorded together during the week that Frankie was here. Watch our first time having sex in over a year! Frankie and I start by sharing Jason's cock, then we move to the floor where Jason and I share Frankie for a bit. Frankie and I switch places so I can ride Jason and eat her pussy at the same time. We do some double stacked fucking after that, followed by prone bone, both of us rimming Jason and finally a creampie in Frankie's pussy that I greedily eat up. Our connection is as strong as ever as our friendship has endured the test of time. We love Frankie!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 08:20

38 Weeks Pregnant Outdoor Sex Adventures for Lustery

Back in the summer, just before I gave birth, we filmed a vlog for Lustery when I was 38 weeks pregnant. We have been dying to show it to you and are pleased that they sponsored an edit for us to show you how awesome that video was. Join us for our baby moon; one last day date before the baby arrives. We hang out at a friend's house, spend time in nature, at the pool, in the hot tub and then go home to finish off the night with a massage and more sex. If you want to see the whole vlog (about 3x longer), you can join with our special link to get 20% off your subscription to their site: Enjoy!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 02:28:26

Pregnancy, Porn and Pandemic - Sexy Hippies Interview w/ Rahim Thawer

Sexy Hippies Jason and Melissa interview Rahim Thawer on a variety of topics including: Pregnancy and Porn Being Adult Entertainers In a Pandemic Stigmatized vs Celebrated Sex Fan Fantasies and Content Production Butts and Butt play The Gay-For-Pay Demand Self-Isolating and Longing For Connection Risk, Time, Activism and Grief In a Pandemic Attachment Styles and Fear of Loss Thinking About Post-Pandemic Sex

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:25:09


In this cam show, Jason wore the lovense Diamo, which is their new vibrating cockring. Check out how fucking hard he was the whole show. We did tons of teasing, foreplay, fucking and ended it all off with an amazing cumshot too.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 15:59

Do Something New JOI

My latest JOI encourages you to try something new. Spring is here!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 13:02

Sexy Flogging Session

Sexiest flogging session ever!!! I absolutely love a tease and Jason does this amazing start/stop play with me in this video. We do it at burns/festivals all day long. A little BJ here, a little sex there. No one cums until the very end of the day. AAAHHHH, it's my absolute favorite.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:16:44

"Church Sluts" Roleplay Cam show

Melissa, bored and horny, sneaks away from her family during mass to look for the office of her crush, the church photographer. He finds her snooping through his office when she decides to reveal her lust for him by lifting her skirt and showing off how she isn't wearing any panties during church. He cannot resist...

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:18:32

Amazing Variety Cam Show

Here is our hot couple's show from 1/10/2021. A little bit of everything in here! There's some really great POV and I'm loving that cumshot! There's some titty milking, butt bongos, BJ action, pussy eating & plenty of pounding!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa