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Sex Down South Conference 2019

This is the minidocumentary we did of the Sex Down South Conference 2019

Featuring: Sexy Hippies

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Sometimes We Fuck Like This

We discovered an old video from 2018 that somehow we overlooked! It's not obvious in the video, but our lover Todd was watching and stroking just off camera.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Vinyl Records & SnapChat Sex

We think moon time sex is super hot because Melissa is extra horny and the orgasms + penetration relieve cramps, lighten her mood and help the flow along. There's nothing like true sexual healing! Since our SnapChat family is a close one, we took them along for the ride as well. Here's a typical, very real, fly-on-the-wall perspective of our sex/work lives. This was filmed in Portland, OR at our amazing AirBnB while we were attending the Exxxotica conference. Our host had a record player and a great collection of vintage records that we were enjoying while we enjoyed each other.

Exclusive to SH

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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7 Weeks Pregnant POV

Weekly pregnancy videos so you can keep up with the journey! Jason got super horny watering the plants and thinking of Melissa's growing boobs. He went and found her reading pregnancy books and showed her his cock. As usual, she didn't resist and you can guess how the rest goes. He spills his gorgeous cum all over her body from neck to pussy hair.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Cumshot Compilation #1

Our first compilation of some of the best cumshots from 2014-2019!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa, Miranda, Spencer, Lily, Cullen, Todd

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Fucking With Friends

In our second show with Brian and Charlotte, we all piled in the huge bed and had side by side sex. Both guys creampie the ladies and there are plenty of orgasms and tons of mutual love to go around. Enjoy!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 30:23

First Sex While Pregnant

Melissa is pregnant! We found out on December 2nd and shared a joyous time with our viewers celebrating the baby with .... MORE SEX!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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POV squirts

I'm so ridiculously horny with this pregnancy! It's awesome! The other day, I couldn't stop masturbating. Since Jason absolutely loves to watch me squirt, he filmed me doing it over and over from his intimate point of view!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 01:22:08

Tantrish Sex

Melissa and Jason have some seriously long, tantric sex in this video! There's plenty of slow strokes, loving kisses and conversation.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Hot Tub Hippies Double Couple Show!

Jason and Melissa went over to Brian and Charlotte's for a dip in the hot tub and some fun on Chaturbate. It's their first show together and first time having sex in front of each other after having been friends for years. This video contains all the very best moments of that night! The spanks, the polar plunges, the blow jobs, the kisses, the laughs and of course, the hot sex. Watch four best friends have sex next to each other, getting turned on by the physical proximity, the smells and the sounds. It's so freeing to have sex next to your friends! NB: We don't swap or do bi stuff in this video.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Erotica Reading #1 "Old Friends, New Horizons" By Pulaski

In this first installment of erotica readings, Melissa reads a story called "Old Friends, New Horizons", written by her dear friend, Pulakski. It's all about his unexpected threesome one night with Tom and Sarah, two of his lifelong best friends.

Featuring: Melissa

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Hard Squirting Orgasm With My Favorite Toys

This is just a taste of all the squirts Melissa did in one show. The full length video is called "Seducing Him Intro Creampie With Squirting Orgasms"! Check it out as well!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 46:03

Seducing Him Intro Creampie With Squirting Orgasms

During a very squirty cam show, Melissa couldn't contain her horniness and kept squirting and squirting for her fans. Jason was watching from upstairs and just had to come down and get in on the action. Melissa was ovulating that day, so Jason put a huge creampie deep inside her vagina after she opened herself up fully with divine squirting orgasms.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Positivity JOI (Cum Countdown)

Recharge your soul with positive vibes and an explosive cum countdown!

Featuring: Melissa

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Coffee Lovers Turkish Over Fire

Coffee Lovers: Turkish Over Fire

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Timeless Sextape

Come get in bed with us! This video is very intimate and features Melissa and Jason making love with each other and with the camera. The feel is vintage and we colored it black and white to match. We want you to wrap up in the covers with us and share this sensual sex with us. This video contains: TWO CUMSHOTS (one creampie and one cum in pussy hair), one squirt, blow job, pussy eating, doggystyle, riding, missionary, ass slapping, and lots of loud moans!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Outdoor Country Creampie

The other day, we went to the first day of building the city for the festival we are going to next week. During lunch break, we were sent to the shipping containers on the property to get plates and napkins. We couldn’t find them and decided to take a few extra minutes to fuck by the car. We had just finished when our teammates caught us while they were driving back up the road. Oops!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Relaxing, Guided Masturbation for all Bodies (F, M &T)

This guided masturbation is for everyone. It doesn't matter your gender or genitals because all bodies are included in this masturbation. We focus on relaxing and integrating fully with your body. Enjoy!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 14:15

Tight Asshole, Huge Cock: Anal Sex with the Hippies!

This is Melissa and Jason's first video of anal sex! Melissa's ass was so tight that day that Jason had to enter her carefully. Once he was in there, watch how much he loved trying to move it even just an inch or two. It's so tight, and his cock is so big that Melissa begs to finish him off with her hands. It's a success and Jason comes all over her chest, shoulders & hair as she kneels at his feet.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 13:07

Double Stack Us!

Our favorite moments from the first FFM threesome with RadventureFrankie!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 15:52

Handjob & Fingering While Drumming

This hilarious clip is one of Jason's drum streams on Chaturbate where Melissa gave him a handjob while drumming and then Jason returns the favor by fingering Melissa while they try to drum together!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Mindfulness JOI/Guided Masturbation

Melissa guides both "penis people" and "vagina people" through a guided masturbation or JOI. This time it is focused on mindfulness and helps bring more awareness to your day.

Featuring: Melissa

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Jason Gets A Handjob While Feeling Super Lazy

This female POV video is dedicated to Jason's gorgeous cock. Melissa strokes him nice and slow until he cums all over his own pubes. Then she licks it off.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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1st Time On Camera EVER from 2015!

Happy Thorwback Thursday! This is our very first video that we ever filmed way back before we ever considered putting our sex videos on the internet! Have a great throwback to when Melissa shaved her pussy and armpits, still had blonde hair and was SHY on camera!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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POV Passionate Quickie

Jason was so turned on by Melissa that day that he could barely last! You'll see why when you see how her eyes practically suck the cum out of your cock just like she does with Jason. Watch his gorgeous cum spill all over Melissa's stomach and pussy.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 21:53

Riding, Squirting and a Creampie (Fan Club Edition)

Here are three videos back-to-back that we put on our fan clubs (OnlyFans, ModelHub, FanCentro, etc). We thought they were too good to not share with our slutty family on our own website!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 24:38

Trying To Get Pregnant

Melissa and Jason have passionate sex, ending in a creampie and then she stays inverted while they talk about how they want children and hope that this creampie is the one that results in a pregnancy!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 02:46:13

Backyard Hippies Cum Outside - Unedited Live Show

One day, Melissa and Jason decided to set up a cam show in the backyard. They invited Spencer and Miranda for hangs. Things got slutty like usual. This is the unedited show in its entirety. Sit back and enjoy with some popcorn! There are tons of hilarious and hot moments.

Featuring: Miranda, Melissa, Jason, Spencer

play-button 41:32

Riding, POV and Epic Body Cum Shot!

Melissa and Jason take their time, starting with a BJ and moving on to reverse cowgirl. Then Melissa flips around, for cowgirl and rides Jason until he can't stand it any longer. Jason flips Mel over for some missionary and then side-lying. He grabs the POV cam for some great doggy POV and missionary. The cumshot is in side-lying position and is to die for!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

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Spank Me Silly! Clips From Jason's Bday

Jason's Bday cam show was a fucking blast! We could not stop laughing. And spanking! It was Jason's first time using a ball gag and it is hilarious! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa