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Do Something New JOI

My latest JOI encourages you to try something new. Spring is here!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 13:02

Sexy Flogging Session

Sexiest flogging session ever!!! I absolutely love a tease and Jason does this amazing start/stop play with me in this video. We do it at burns/festivals all day long. A little BJ here, a little sex there. No one cums until the very end of the day. AAAHHHH, it's my absolute favorite.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:16:44

"Church Sluts" Roleplay Cam show

Melissa, bored and horny, sneaks away from her family during mass to look for the office of her crush, the church photographer. He finds her snooping through his office when she decides to reveal her lust for him by lifting her skirt and showing off how she isn't wearing any panties during church. He cannot resist...

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:18:32

Amazing Variety Cam Show

Here is our hot couple's show from 1/10/2021. A little bit of everything in here! There's some really great POV and I'm loving that cumshot! There's some titty milking, butt bongos, BJ action, pussy eating & plenty of pounding!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 08:17

Threesome Compilation with Frankie & Sexy Hippies

An awesome compilation of our travels and sexventures with our lover Frankie Rivers. You can find the full videos here on our website!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 01:04:05

New Year's Eve Couple Show

Couple's show on CB on NYE!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 21:04

Breastmilk JOI

The first JOI of 2021 invites you to cover your body sensually with oil, relax and set your intention for 2021 with a goal to manifest. Melissa even squirts breastmilk onto your cock to ensure a magical year for you!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 01:43:30

Part 2 Couple's Show 12/13/2020

Part 2 Couple's Show on Chaturbate 12/13/2020

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 01:30:38

Part 1 Couple's Show 12/13/2020

Part 1 of our couple's show on Chaturbate from 12/13/2020

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 35:38

Hand Expressing Milk Live

Clips of Melissa hand expressing her sweet milk for you!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 43:22

Couple's Show 12/5/2020

Couple's cam show with Melissa and Jason! Great cumshot!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 13:33

New MILF and DILF Fuck Hard!

This is Jason and Melissa's first video since having the baby where they finally found a few minutes alone! The passion and intensity of this scene are palpable - you can tell they've been wanting each other for long time and are taking advantage of this small window of opportunity! (Melissa is 10 weeks postpartum)

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 12:01

Our First Orgy (Short Version) with JackPlusJill and Frankie Rivers

We did an amazing show with JackPlusJill and Frankie Rivers in Las Vegas! This is a shorter version of some of our favorite moments from that show. The full video (2.5 hours!) is not available via our membership (but it is available for individual download). This short video version IS indeed available via our regular membership. Enjoy! Definitely check out the full 2.5 hour video on, and Follow JackPlusJill on Twitter: @_jackplusjill_ and @tradeofalljaks and Frankie @radventurebooty!

Featuring: Sexy Hippies

play-button 12:16

Wife Fucks Me & Talks About Past Lovers

Does it turn you on to hear about your partner's past sexual adventures? This video is all about that! Jason asks Melissa to discuss some of her past experiences with other men and then does exactly the same thing to her that they did years ago.

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 28:36

32 Weeks Pregnant Camshow With Epic Cumshot

Camshow on Chaturbate when Melissa was 32 weeks pregnant. Jason cums all over her pussy with his glorious thick load!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 11:23

37 Weeks Pregnant Shower

After a sensual bodypainting session (Pregnancy Goddess photoset) by Crimson, Melissa showers off the paint and spends time showing off her pregnant body and huge belly for you!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 42:34

38 Weeks Pregnant BTS Exclusive Custom

Jason starts by giving Melissa a sensual massage that leads to her masturbating with is cock in her mouth. After she is fully open and ready to receive him, they move to the couch where she sucks his massive dick, then he enters he from behind, gives her a good dicking and finishes in missionary with Melissa's leg up over her head. This is the last video that Melissa and Jason recorded during the pregnancy and it was a very exclusive custom video at 38 weeks. While we aren't able to release the main camera angles, we were able to capture a second secret angle for you. We leave the camera rolling the entire time, so you are able to see how we create a video and all the slutty things that happened for this private viewer.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 16:27

Sloppy Spanglish Deepthroat BJ

In this video, Melissa devours a dildo and talks dirty in Spanish and English for a private viewer. Get a glimpse of what a private show with her is like when she does exactly what she is told, sucking and deepthroating the dildo until she gags. Her face slowly becomes a mess of mascara, sweat, saliva and snot as fulfills your hottest sloppy BJ fantasy!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 22:01

36 Weeks Pregnant River Day

It's summertime and the perfect weather to go swimming naked! Nevermind Melissa's huge 36-week pregnant belly! Jason, Melissa and their two mystery friends went hiking for a day to find a nice, private river to frolic in so Melissa could swim in nature like a pregnant goddess. The first part of this video is a vlog style of their hike, they it turns slutty when Melissa starts to masturbate in the river. The trippiness of pregnancy is highlighted in the fact that time is of no consequence as you are taken on the journey of Melissa's masturbation session. The video finishes off with a nice long BJ session mid-river and a doggy-style fuck while Melissa is bent over a rock. It was quite the day and you just have to see this!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 50:06

Squirting & Strapon FFM Live Threesome with Frankie Rivers

During their trip to Las Vegas for AVN, Frankie, Melissa and Jason met up for some sightseeing, sex and RV fun! This live cam show was the second and final of two that they did from the RV and the sex is the best we have ever caught on film! Frankie starts it off with some squirting and playing with her toy, while Melissa sucks Jason's cock. Then Melissa fucks Frankie with a strapon while Frankie sucks Jason's cock. They take turns riding Jason and being pounded by him on the tiny RV bed until they convince him to blow his load all over their faces and mouths! It's a nice, long scene with plenty of action and positions. Oh, and Melissa is 12 weeks pregnant in this video too! We hope you love it as much as we did!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 08:22

National Park Public River Squirt

Frankie and Melissa masturbate next to each other and the Virgin River at Zion National Park in Utah while cars drive by! Melissa is 10 weeks pregnant in this video too!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 28:30

35 Weeks Pregnant

Melissa's belly gets bigger every day and since her pussy is changing to get ready for the birth, it's like having sex for the first time every time. This passionate scene shows all the positions that are working best for Melissa right now. Riding, modified missionary, doggy and other variations of those are what hits that spot! Jason blows a beautiful load all over Melissa's huge ass and then keeps fucking her until she's satisfied! We hope you enjoy "35 weeks pregnant"!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 11:18

Honoring Her Body At 30 Weeks Pregnant

In this sensual video, Melissa and Jason make love tenderly while appreciating her changing and growing body. There's pussy eating, fingering, missionary (ish) and doggystyle with lots of focus on Melissa and a cumshot on her beautiful belly. Enjoy!

Featuring: Melissa, Jason

play-button 19:53

33 Weeks Pregnant - Fertility Appreciation JOI & CEI (4K)

At 33 weeks pregnant, and full of good juju, this is one of the best JOI's Melissa has ever done. It's full of beautiful, encouraging words, fertility appreciation and cum eating encouragement! Manifest your deepest desires by directing your mind towards self-love and positivity during your masturbation sessions! For males and females!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 21:01

30 Weeks Preg: Couple Masturbation + Sex

Jason and Melissa invite you to see what a real dual masturbation session looks like for them. They sit back and watch some great porn, Melissa squirts twice while Jason helps her cum and then they finish it off with some riding, doggy and a great cumshot! There are two cameras going in this video, so you get lots of great angles.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 07:10

Eat Me Out On A Cold Mountaintop

Jason and Melissa climbed up a huge mountain and it was so cold that they had to warm up themselves first with some pussy eating and fingering! Melissa was 12 weeks pregnant in this video!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 49:54

First Live FFM Threesome with Frankie

During their trip to Las Vegas for AVN, Frankie, Melissa and Jason met up for some sightseeing, sex and RV fun! This live cam show was the first of two that they did from the RV and the sex is magnetic. There's some great lesbian action between Melissa and Frankie, riding, missionary and a ton of other sex positions, as well as a creampie for Frankie that Melissa so generously cleans out of her pussy. Melissa is 12 weeks pregnant in this video too! We hope you love it as much as we did!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 55:19

29 Weeks Pregnant Live Sex Show

Pregnant and horny, Jason and Melissa share their love making with a live audience on Chaturbate! There's plenty of chatting, sex, orgasms, moans and creamy pregnant pussy. Jason cums in Melissa's pussy hair and then she finishes herself off one more time with the Domi since she's a greedy little cum slut these days!

Featuring: Jason, Melissa

play-button 57:52

Multiple Gushing Pregnant Squirts Live

29 weeks pregnant and horny as fuck, Melissa gushed all over the place during a Chaturbate show. Enjoy the edging and then the three clitoral orgasms and gushing fountains of squirt!

Featuring: Melissa

play-button 18:06

Pregnant and Horny (26 Weeks)

Melissa was extra horny and her pussy was ridiculously creamy in this passionate scene with Jason. There's tons of POV and intimate shots of Melissa's growing belly! Deep creampie, no cumshot.

Featuring: Jason, Melissa